Do you need a GFCI on all shop plugs?

Answer A 1999 change in the National Electrical Code (NEC) mandates a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) on 120 volt receptacles as a safety requirement in workshops or garages with a floor either at... Read More »

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Does a whirlpool tub need a GFCI?

All 120-volt electrical outlets that are in close proximity to sinks, showers and tubs need to be protected thorough a GFCI (ground-fault circuit interrupter) outlet. A number of outlets can be pro... Read More »

Do light fixtures in bathrooms need to be GFCI protected?

The National Electric Code requires all outlets in a bathroom to have Ground Fault Current Interrupting (GFCI) protection. It does not require this protection for all light switches and fixtures in... Read More »

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I own a toy shop need help?

I'm afraid you're in a dying trade.A culmination of the Internet and mega toy shops like Toys R Us, Argos and The Entertainer, means that the humble, self run toy shop is no longer a required thing... Read More »