Do you need S-Video and component cables?

Answer On One Hand: You Need Both For Video and AudioS-Video cables are used to send video data from one device, typically your computer, to another, typically your TV. If you want to be able to view and ... Read More »

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Are "component video" cables the same thing as "RCA cables"?

1) component like the it's name says sends each component (red, green blue) of the image on different cables.composite, like it's name says, sends a composite of all the information one cableyou di... Read More »

Can you use component Video cables for height definition video?

Answer Yes. Component cables can carry an HD signal. DVI and HDMI are the preferred ways to transfer an HD signal though because the signal is carried digitally across the cables as opposed to ana... Read More »

Are component video cables digital?

No they are not, they are analog. However they are the best possible analog and support HD.Digtial signals are only from HDMI and DVI connectors.

Will rca cables work for component video?

Some component cable connectors such as on televisions and DVD players have RCA-style connectors. If this is the case, RCA cables can be used to carry component video. However, component cables are... Read More »