Do you need Rock Band to play Track Pack?

Answer Rock Band Track Packs are standalone video games and do not require Rock Band 1 or 2 to play. You will need a Rock Band-compatible controller to play a Track Pack, and you may also import songs fro... Read More »

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Does rock band track pack work with guitar hero world tour?

"Rock Band" track packs, which are downloadable sets of songs, are not compatible with any "Guitar Hero" game, including "Guitar Hero World Tour." The games are programmed by competing companies, s... Read More »

Do you need Wii remotes to play"Rock Band"?

The instruments for "Rock Band" on the Wii are fully wireless and don't require a Wiimote for use. You will, however, need one Wiimote to work through the game's main menus, as well as for any play... Read More »

Do i need a usb adapter to play"rock band"on the wii?

While you do not need the USB dongle to play the Wii version of "Rock Band," it is required if you want to connect the game's drum, guitar and microphone peripherals.References:EA Support: Why Won'... Read More »

Can you play Rock Band 1 songs on Rock Band 2?

Yes, you can play your songs from the original "Rock Band" on "Rock Band 2." All you have to do is pay a fee in "Rock Band" to unlock the ability to export the songs from the first game to the seco... Read More »