Do you need Norton and McAfee on your computer?

Answer On One Hand: Try Them FirstNorton and McAfee offer comprehensive Internet security software, as well as other software programs for specific uses. Both software companies allow customers to use sec... Read More »

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Which is the best computer anti-virus norton, mcafee or kaspersky?

All are good programs. However, there is no one BEST program for everyone and no single program can protect against all infections! Each person's individual computer usage is completely different.... Read More »

Norton or McAfee?

McAfee or Norton antivirus?

AVG is better than both, and its FREE.The BEST protection is to practice safe computing..(AND of course have ALL the safety protection software necessary to help.)I use all of the following Free so... Read More »

Can you run mcafee&norton at the same time?

McAfee and Norton are antivirus programs, and according to Microsoft, two antivirus programs cannot run at the same time. When two programs run simultaneously, they interfere with each other and ca... Read More »