Do you need Internet on your phone to use Bluetooth?

Answer No, the Internet does not have to be connected or enabled to use Bluetooth on your device. Bluetooth technology uses short-wave radio signals to transmit data without wires. The device you want to ... Read More »

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Does your Bluetooth& phone need to match?

No. Bluetooth is an open standard used by many different manufacturers and Bluetooth devices can connect to each other regardless of whether or not they were made by the same company.References:Blu... Read More »

Do you need Wi-Fi to get to the Internet on your smart phone?

Not always. Most smart phones require a data plan when you activate them. This means that you pay monthly for internet access on your phone through the cell phone carrier, meaning Wi-Fi isn't neces... Read More »

How to Connect a PC to the Internet Via Bluetooth Phone Software?

Bluetooth allows you to connect devices to one another without the need for cables. The transfer rates are fairly fast and it's more convenient than carrying around a bunch of cables. One use is to... Read More »

Can you use the Bluetooth with a phone to get the Internet on a computer?

You can use Bluetooth on some mobile phones to share the phone's data plan with a computer. This is called "tethering." For tethering to work, both the phone and the cellular provider must support ... Read More »