Do you need HDMI cable to watch Blu-Ray Movies?

Answer AnswerIf you want them in 1080p yes. HDMI stands for "high definition multimedia interface" and will do both your audio and video.You can also use the component cables (the 5 cables with the green,... Read More »

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Do you need HDMI cable to watch Blu Ray Movies?

Yes they do. They need to be connected to the HDTV with 1080P and a HDMI cable for the Bluray to work as a Blue ray disc player

I need a 15 ft HDMI-HDMI cable for a plasma TV. Needs to be "in-wall" rated. Is MONSTER worth it Thanks.?

I like the quality of Monster but not the price. If your looking for a really low price try this site.…But here's a quality cable for a lot less than Monst... Read More »

Hdmi cable for i-tunes movies?

This can be done but the low quality of iTune movie downloads does not make it seem a viable option.

Does an HDMI Work to Watch Movies From a PC to a TV?

High definition video shows a clearer picture and also refreshes at a faster rate, making it the optimal choice for watching movies. You can connect your HDMI enabled video card to a TV with an HDM... Read More »