Do you need DSL for MagicJack service?

Answer MagicJack requires a broadband Internet connection but does not specifically require DSL. According MajicJack's website, you can use a cable, DSL, wireless or WiMax connection with a minimum upload... Read More »

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Does DSL service work with magicJack?

Yes, magicJack will work with DSL. "A minimum bandwidth upload speed of 128 kb/s is required," however, according to magicJack. You can gauge your average upload speed at online bandwidth-speed-tes... Read More »

Will MagicJack work with dial-up Internet service?

According to MagicJack’s website, dial-up Internet service does not provide a sufficient amount of bandwidth to operate the device as a minimum upload speed of 128 kilobytes per seconds is requir... Read More »

Do I need Internet access to use magicJack?

Yes, you will need an active Internet connection to be able to place and receive phone calls with magicJack. If you have magicJack installed but your Internet connection is not active, your calls w... Read More »

Got service plan on nissan note car 2009, the service company said driver seatbelt clasp slightly loose, need?

I think you are being ripped off to be honest. Suggestion for you. Pop down to your nearest Garage that does mot's and ask if one of their mot testers could take a 30 second look at your seat belt... Read More »