Do you mind if people smoke around you?

Answer I hate second hand smoke. Smokers digust me!!!

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Do you hate it when people smoke around you?

Michael D, good for your grandfather, my grandmother did exactly the same, but then both my mother and father died at the age of 69 from smoke induced lung cancer, your just playing with statistics... Read More »

Can you get high from breathing in smoke that people around you have blown out?

Yes. You can. Believe me. The thc (what makes you high in weed) is still in the smoke. I've smoked alot of weed. And I've "hot box" that's were we go into a room with all the windows and doors clos... Read More »

How come I now don't mind smelling cigarette smoke?

Sometimes it smells bad, depending on the cigarette brand. Sometimes it smells sooo good, though. I like a lot of different smells. Hate garlic, though. :)

Is it bad for my computer if i smoke around it?