Well, Let's put it this way: I make a lot of money and I'm hungry?

Answer Eat your money.

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How does this health clubs make money?

Because of the niche that Planet Fitness and similar clubs market to. They are hoping that people will pay for a membership and then just stop coming after a month, but keep their membership active... Read More »

Make money posting links on Google Does this really work?

Yes it can work and people are making lots of money, but its not as simple as people make out, when you post a ad on google you must pay and your google bill could be thousands of £$ and the peopl... Read More »

Ok I just want to make sure I get this straighten the tax rebate FREE MONEY from the government?

They're telling us it's free money....but it is the government, so their story could change at any time.

How pathetic is this Wasting so much money for a doll instead of using that money for better things?

I think it's completely ridiculous to begin with, but it's even MORE ridiculous when you consider Blue's age. A one-year-old is not going to know the difference between an $80,000 Barbie and a $10 ... Read More »