Ok I just want to make sure I get this straighten the tax rebate FREE MONEY from the government?

Answer They're telling us it's free money....but it is the government, so their story could change at any time.

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Having a problem that direct TV stole money from your Bank of America charge card How can you get this money back?

How does this health clubs make money?

Because of the niche that Planet Fitness and similar clubs market to. They are hoping that people will pay for a membership and then just stop coming after a month, but keep their membership active... Read More »

Well, Let's put it this way: I make a lot of money and I'm hungry?

Ive been e-mailed ive won money from a lottery sponsered by yahoo. Is this for real?

Chances are slim that it is real. I would email the yahoo people, or send it on to some digging and see if it is for real. If they are asking for bank info, or require you to cas... Read More »