Do you love vegetables If yes, tell me your preferable vegetable.?

Answer yes,all green leafytomato,potato,brinjal,cauliflower,beensetc

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I'm facing too much problem. Can u Tell me the preferable yantram or gem stone is suited for me?

Hi, Raj. Attached is a list of gemstones that are helpful in reducing stress. Hope this helps. suggestions in attached article have also helped me gre... Read More »

You are in love with a female coworker who in fact she has no idea that you love her as much as you do How do you tell her with out ruining your work relationship and your reputation at work?

This is a tricky situation. Is she dating someone else? If so, be respectful and back off. You wouldn't like to be in that other guy's shoes, would you? It's possible that she may see your relatio... Read More »

How to Tell Your Mom You Love Her?

So its mother's day. You want to say "I love you" to your mom but you're too old for that. You decide to write a letter to your mom. (It is also a good way if you don't want anybody to hear you say... Read More »

If your a gardener do you have a love story to tell about your garden?

actually i have one occurring right now.. I grew up on a farm and worked in one green house or another most of my life. Up until about 5 years ago when i became quite ill and collapsed in my gar... Read More »