Do you love vegetables If yes, tell me your preferable vegetable.?

Answer yes,all green leafytomato,potato,brinjal,cauliflower,beensetc

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Can the Leek Vegetable Be Companion Planted With Other Vegetables?

Leeks are a vegetable in the onion family, producing thick green tops and white cylindrical bulbs. Leeks look like large scallions, and lend a mild onion flavor to foods. Leeks are often used in so... Read More »

If I make my own Vegetable Juice will I still get the same amount of Goodness as if I was eating Vegetables?

Juice is very healthy and can help replace the fruits and vegetables you are not getting in your diet. Juice is absorbed by the body in the small intestine very quickly so you get the benefit of t... Read More »

Do you love vegetables?

Well, I like veggies and I was enjoying the answers to this question until I got to sarah m's answer which didn't make a darn bit of sense. Then a little piece of my soul died and I hated Y!A a lit... Read More »

I'm 14 and I want to become a vegetarian, but I love meat and I hate vegetables?

Great question. We are designed to crave pleasure -- and that includes our palate. None of us would stay vegans for long if all we had to eat was bland, tasteless food devoid of nutrition and tas... Read More »