Do you love tomato sandwiches?

Answer Love them on toast with salt and pepper and a bit of hot mustard, yummy.

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I love sandwiches, What is your favorite sandwich?

Around Thanksgiving, I love to sautee turkey and leftover stuffing in butter then put it on toast with mayo and cranberry sauce.The rest of the time, I like Reubens (corned beef, 1000 Island or Rus... Read More »

I love bacon and fried egg sandwiches.. Do you :)?

I could eat one or two every day. With a big glass of orange juice or a coke. Love it.

Cheese and tomato or cheese and cucumber sandwiches?

Cheese and tomatoI have always loved tomatos

When was tomato called love apple?

When the tomato was introduced to Europe it was thought to act as an aphrodisiac, and thus named pomme d'amour by the French.