Do you love coffee or tea ?

Answer I drink coffee in the morning and tea at night. hmmm

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I love coffee! What are some iced or hot coffee drinks?

Try making your own coffee smoothie. Put some ice in the blender to chop it up to very fine chunks, and add your own chilled coffee. Top with whipped cream and a cherry and sprinkles if you want.... Read More »

Do you love how coffee smells I love how coffee smells. What other smells do you love?

The soft scent of your delicate perfume drifting coolly to my senses . Is your preference Red Door or Poison .Another scent i like is the smell of clean linen after it has dried outside on a wash l... Read More »

Why do the British love tea, and why do us Americans love coffee?

As strange as it sounds:* The British like tea partly because it was readily available from the far eastern parts of their Empire (mainly India); and also because it distinguished them from contine... Read More »

How do you love your coffee?

Let me count the ways I love thee....With lots of sugar.With cream and sugar.Blended with ice and flavored syrup.With frothy milk and flavored syrup.General Foods International coffee.Coffee flavor... Read More »