The Best Lotion for Cracked Feet?

Answer Cracked feet, also referred to as heel fissures, can be more than just unsightly. If left untreated, cracked heels can become painful, and in severe conditions, even result in infections. Cracked h... Read More »

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Can feet swell after using suntan lotion?

If you do not use a suntan lotion with the correct level of SPF, you can cause serious burns to your feet, depending on the length of time you were in the sun. Sunburns can cause severe swelling an... Read More »

My daughter has bites going from her feet to her face tried every cream and lotion nothing works there infecte?

Take her to the doctor. They may not be bites at all. She may have a skin disease or an allergy to the laundry soap or softener that you use.

What is the cubic feet of a room that is 12 feet long 8 feet wide and 8 feet high?

Answer Cubic feet is calculated by length X width X height. So a room with: length = 12 ft. width = 8 ft. height = 8 ft. would be: 768 ft.^3 or in English 178 cubic feet

How do you calculate the cubic feet of a room that is 10 feet by 12 feet by 8 feet high?

Answer Wouldn't that be 6 times 11.5 times 8 = 552 cubic feet.You need to measure the length and width of the room. Using a retractable measuring tape, or laser measuring tool, measure the room fro... Read More »