You live with your dad and step mother you want to live with your mom you all live in Florida niether of them have custody settled in court can you move with her?

Answer yes because no one have custody.

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Can you live with your grandparents if your mother wants you to live with her and your dad says she is an unfit mother?

Answer Depending on your age and the state requirement, you can apply for emancipation and challenge your mother's right to custody.If the mother has primary custody the minor child will have to a... Read More »

Txas law for seventeen years old girl who's mother is not living and lives with her father dose not want to live there she wants to live with her grandmother her mother's mother?

What are your rights as a pregnant sixteen year old mother and want to live with your babies fatherif you live in VA?

Answer It depends on the State or country you live in.If I live in the state of Virgina and I get pragnant at age sixteen and want to move in with the father could I?

What legal actions can your mother take if you want to go live with your dad at age 17?

Answer One of your parents has to file a motion to amend their custody agreement. If there are no extenuating circumstances and your father has no issues that would make it bad for you to live wit... Read More »