Can you move out from your moms and live with your dad if im 16?

Answer Not in the US, you have to be 18 to do that wihtout parental permission.

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Can your child's moms new husband adopt your child without contacting you if you live in different states?

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Your divorced parents live in the same state but in different towns you want to live with your dad but you live with your mom you are 17 what can you do?

if you really want to live with your dad and not your mom anymore maybe you can talk to your parents and work things out unless your mom has full custody of you just like my friend alyssa's mom doe... Read More »

I live in a basement and its damp and the walls get moldy, what can i do about this?

Make a solution of bleach and water - maybe half and half so the smell isn't too strong - and (using gloves) sponge down the wall. It will kill the mold for now and, I've found, will keep it from ... Read More »