Do you limit your computer use each day?

Answer Depends, if I've been on it hours and hours each day, i will, but if not then it's not really a problem...

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Can you turn your Internet cable modem on& off each time you use your computer?

You can turn off your cable modem between use by either switching it off or unplugging it. If you have a router, turn that off, too. When you're ready to get on the Internet, plug in or turn on equ... Read More »

Is it a good idea to shut your computer down each day?

Roughly, on average, how long would you say you spend at your computer each day?

Four hours, 23 minutes and 56 seconds. Roughly.

Is it better to leave your computer and monitor on 24/7 or shut them off each day?

Most monitors only work for a limited amount of hours before they fry. PLus it's more eco-friendly to turn off at night.