Avocado Turnips Brussels sprouts Or Yams Which from this list do you like better?

Answer Avocado, that's all I've been craving lately. Good Day :)

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Garlic Lima Beans Yams Or Carrots Which from this list do u like better?

Do new zealanders eat yams?

New Zealanders do eat yams. There is in fact a type of yam called the "New Zealand Yam." According to Horticulture New Zealand, these yams are originally from the South American Andes, where they a... Read More »

How to Juice Yams?

Yams are natives of African and Asia, but they have been a food staple for centuries in South America and the Pacific Islands. As a root vegetable, the yam juices most easily in a twin gear juicer,... Read More »

Can you refrigerate yams?

Only if cooked. Otherwise you will destroy the cell structure.