Do you like weed........?

Answer I love it! :D Everything is just sooo much more interesting when you're high! Ahah and writing essays is a MILLION times easier too :p it's a godsend!

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How to not smell like weed?

if you dont smoke your eyes wont get red unless its from irritation but thats normal, as far as smell lmao dude just spray a little something and airdry for like a minute, you'll be fine. It's over... Read More »

Why i like smoking weed so much?

I used to smoke cause I find it nothing else but looking good among my peers.My peers wasn't pressurising me,So I don't know why I took it up.Then I stopped because of my family, love them.

What are weed brownies like?

1. They taste like chocolate with weed. It tastes like an herb and some people like it, some don't. 2. Usually about a half hour, however long it takes for your body to digest it.3. Depends on how ... Read More »

Why does my room smell like weed?

If you want to grow up to be a liar then find an excuse. If you want to be a sensible mature person admit what they know already. They will know very well if you lie to them anyway. I let a room to... Read More »