Do you like to clean ur house..?

Answer Baby dress up as the maid and I'll clean something for you....I think you know what doll...

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Messy house or Clean house Tidy but dirty Untidy but clean Somewhere in the middle?

Clean and tidy or I feel like a retard. Seriously, I don't feel right if the house is dirty or messed up, I don't see how people can live that way.

Which area in the house are you most likely to find lots of germs even if your house is clean?

the's said that most toilets are cleaner than kitchens. We know how to clean a toilet, but are more careless in the kitchen.

How do i get my kids to clean the house and keep it clean?

I'd love the answer too! LOLSince you can't base it on bribery since you don't have any extra money - what you can do is threaten to throw items away that they leave out. Count the cleaning as a c... Read More »

How clean is your house?

My wife is a clean freak ! Which means our house is immaculate...but I can never find anything !It's crap..she cant remember where she "tidies" stuff away. I mean..whats the point ?It drives me men... Read More »