Do you like this video that i made?

Answer I think it's really cool the way you did that!!!!!

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Im making a video and i was wondering what i need to do to add like fireballs and stuff like that.?

Check out this little gem:

I just made this video on youtube?

Hey, I watched, commented and rated =]Your really pretty btw =]

Is this a good Utube video i made?

Freakin' awesomely cute! Wish i had the guts 2 do that. And good choice of song by the way, Katy Perry is the shiz.

THIS IS FOR FEMALES ONLY,,,,,do you like men that are hairy like on the legs,chest.......?

I'm male but:1. My wife loves that I'm hairy. She says it makes me seem more manly.2. My sister-in-law hates hair on men. She doesn't like rubbing against them, as she's intentionally removed her h... Read More »