Do you like this out fit for a christening ?

Answer Awwww it's adorable, i def. like it, :D.

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What Happens at a Hindu Christening?

The namkaran is the Hindu practice of naming a baby. The word "nama" means name and "karana" means to make or effect. The ceremony usually takes place on the twelfth day after a baby's birth, but c... Read More »

Do you buy presents for a christening?

People attending a christening, also called a baptism, may bring gifts for the baby but are not required to do so. Traditional gifts include trinkets such as silver spoons and cups; more practical ... Read More »

Christening Duties?

Christenings, a tradition of Christianity, vary slightly depending on the specific sect. However, whether the christening or baptism is for a Roman Catholic, Episcopalian or any other Christian den... Read More »

Is christening acceptable for Catholics?

Yes. A christening or baptism is typically the first sacrament that a Catholic receives and is cause for much celebration. It is a way for the family and the community to acknowledge the religion a... Read More »