Do you like these videos?

Answer i saw one video and it looked pretty fake. unless you wanted it to look fake?

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Are there any videos on youtube videos where boys are forced to be ballerinas or something like that?

First of all, a ballerina is a the top female ballet dancer in a company.A boy or male ballet dancer is a cavalier or danseur.There are no countries that force children into dance, in Soviet Russia... Read More »

Are these videos allowed in Youtube?

It will get reported that is not allowed on YouTube. You should give a little warning next time man.

Where do these videos come from?

I think you should forget about it. It's just a girl who probably has some problems, made this video and posted it. Before she knew it, it 'blew' up and was all over the internet. It happens all th... Read More »

These are some of the FUNNIEST youtube videos out there!?

girls pretending to be unicorns? that's retarded! i like that =)you're gonna love this: little vulgar though =Panyways, The Damn Don, nice vid. being a man o... Read More »