Do you like the smell, but not the taste of egg nog?

Answer I like both the smell and taste of eggnog, but I just wish there was some way I could get the stuff on a year-round basis. But I know that will never ever happen.*SIGH*

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Taste & Smell Experiments?

Our senses play a big part in how we perceive the taste of foods. A lot of what we think we taste is actually what we smell. If you are unable to smell a food, it will not taste the same. Tasting a... Read More »

I'm sick and I can't taste or smell?

Hot yellow mustard sauce from a Chinese restaurant, mixed in some food and consumed. Voila! But be sure you can handle the heat, though :-))

Smell Vs. Taste Experiments?

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Can a person that has no smell,still taste food?

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