Do you like the saltiness in your fries?

Answer I like a little salt on my fries but not an ocean's worth which happens all the time at the fast food places.

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Gyro with Fries Chicken Fingers with Fries Or Fillet Of Fish with Fries Which do u like better?

Would you like it if McDonald's change their fries just like Wendy's did to their fries?

All those skinny fries taste the same to me. I go to places that have thicker fries like Culvers'

Onion Rings French Fries Potato Wedges or Curly Fries Which from this list do you like better?

french fries- Wendy's , CJ's , Jack in the Boxonion rings - Chili'scurly fries - Carl's Junior, Jack in the Box

How do you like your french fries?

deep fried until done, ( home made ) and then with BBQ sauce on them