Do you like the new Comcast commercial?

Answer No,it's ugly,lame,and cheap.Comes across as being very cheap,and nobody knows how to sing any-thing,The only person who likes it is who-ever sold comcast on it,and laughing on the way to the bank,t... Read More »

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Does dish network have on demand like comcast?

It's referred to as Video On Demand (VOD), & is also known as DOD (DISH On Demand). -Movies are downloaded overnight via satellite when the receiver is in standby mode. Upon renting, movies are av... Read More »

Has Patrick Dempsey done a direct tv commercial or who is the actor who does a Direct TV commercial who looks and sounds like Patrick Dempsey?

The guy isn't him. I wondered the same thing for quite awhile. They have a new ad now w/a closeup of the guy--don't know who he is, but it sure seemed like the camera distance in the old ads was de... Read More »

Why did comcast basic cable take out primary channels like cartoon network and disney channel around Baltimore?

MSO’s (multiple system/service operators), which includes MVPD’s (multichannel video programming distributors) such as cable television operators, are required to abide by rules and regulations... Read More »

Where can you get a hat like the ones in the dish network commercial?

You can find & watch Dragon Ball Z on Nickelodeon if you have DISH Network services.