Did Tina fey write mean girls the movie?

Answer Yes

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Is there anything redeeming in the movie "Mean Girls"?

That movie is kinda stupid. I really don't know why people like it so much. I guess there's more to the movie than bullying, like staying true to yourself or whatever. But I don't like movies like ... Read More »

How to Be Like Mandi from Mean Girls?

Do you want to be like Mandi from the plastics? Well this article will show you how to be like exactly Mandi from Mean Girls 2!

How to Be Like Characters from "Mean Girls"?

We've all seen the movie 'Mean Girls'. And we've all said, "OMG! They're so mean! I'd never be like that!" Actually, we've all been to embarrassed to admit that we all want to be like the Plastics.... Read More »

How to Be Like the Characters from Mean Girls?

Want to be like the Mean Girls? Well read this and you can! Being a Mean Girl isn't cheap so don't spend too much time perfecting this if it's for something that doesn't matter.