Do you like the "knock out" effect that you get after doing a hard workout?

Answer yeah it sounds real good to me!real good.. but make sure u do not get dehydrated.. u need to drink alot.......

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You would like to write a letter to someone in the Marines thanking them for all the hard work they have done How do you go about doing that?

Consider contacting your local VFW and thanking him in person.

What do you like to do after a workout at the gym?

Stretch .. Go to the Soana ...Get Protein Shake too..Go home knockout..

If it doesn't hurt after (like day after) am I doing something wrong?

No, the pain is caused by muscle break-down which is the precursor to building more muscle. Intense exercise can result in a build-up of acid within the tissue which breaks down torn muscle fibers ... Read More »

I am doing my interior designing what can i study after that?

Maybe architecture, drafting or CAD design? Any one of them would be beneficial with interior design.