Do you like the facebook timeline?

Answer I used to hate it but now I learned to like it a lot! It allows you to hide things you don't want to reveal, it has a neat look, it hides the hundreds of birthday messages.. sure it has it'r proble... Read More »

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Why did facebook lie to everyone and say that the new facebook timeline would be mandatory?

it will be required, but everyone doesnt get converte on the same day....

Can any one tell me how to get rid of facebook Timeline....?

You cant remove Timeline, but you can view all Timeline pages in the easier to read single column format, if you follow the guide here:

Why does no one like the new facebook timeline?

A lot of people find the double column layout of timeline, confusing and harder to follow than a single column layout.BTW for people that dont like like the 2 column layout of timeline: You can vie... Read More »

Where is the 'Timeline' on Facebook?

This guide will show you how to get Facebook Timeline:…Good luck!