What song(s) you like from a band/singer that you don't particularly like :)?

Answer Ooohhh Great Question!I can't really stand Chicago, but their song "Look Away", well, I'll admit it ok? I like it. It's just so sappy.And this will sound wierd, but I hate The Doors - I can't stand... Read More »

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Does underoath use guitar pedals?

Timothy McTague, lead guitarist of American hard rock band Underoath, uses a variety of effects pedals, including an Ibanez Tube Screamer (overdrive), a Line 6 DL4 (delay) and a Boss RV5 (digital r... Read More »

What is the Air Force Band like?

The Air Force Band is one of the premier (or "special") bands of the armed forces, most of which are based in or around Washington, DC. It is comprised of six ensembles: the Air Force Strings, the ... Read More »

How to Dress Like a Screamo Band?

Indian Summer, a real Screamo/emo band.So you've always listened to real screamo and wanted to become a part of it? Read on to see.

How to Shoot a Rubber Band Like a Gun?

Shooting rubber bands off your fingers is an easy thing to learn and can be done anywhere. Shooting it like a gun is a little more difficult, but still worth learning. By starting with your left ha... Read More »