I don't feel like eating and only feel like drinking sweet things and my side aches?

Answer The pain in your side is a symptom of the UTI. So are the other symptoms. I think your UTI is getting bad and needs to be dealt with. If not, the infection may go into your kidneys, if it hasn't ... Read More »

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How to Act Like a Sweet Celebrity?

Picture this: You're shopping with your girlfriends in the mall, and someone you don't know comes up to you and asks for your autograph! Wish this were you? Then try these tips to act like a celebr... Read More »

Do you like your tea sweet or unsweet?

unsweet. sweet is sickening X( but i liked it as a child.

Do you like lusciously sweet wine ! ! .?

No Purr I prefer it dry myself - purrfect!!!!

What does a sweet pea flower look like?

Sweet pea flowers are similar to other flowers found among members of the pea family. Each bloom has one large, roundish, upright petal, two narrow, winglike side petals and two lower petals that a... Read More »