Do you like soup or salad?

Answer love both

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How much soup, salad and breadsticks can you eat?

At Olive Garden, plentyThough I no longer pig out anywhere.--

How much would you tip a waitress that forgot the salad and soup,before the main course?

It happens some times. Never judge a waiter on this alone. Always look at the following things when considering a tip.1). Did the waiter / waitress refill my drink before or right when it was emp... Read More »

Chili New England clam Chowder Soup Or a Salad Which from this list do u like better?

MMMMMM Spicy Chili, add a little sour cream (i hate sour cream on other stuff but have to have it with chili!!) mix together, put cheddar on top, yummmmmmm live it!Especially with lots of meat and ... Read More »

Why get soup and salad at olive garden a question asked by a server.?

Are you talking about people who order the lunch special thats just soup and salad, and nothing else? Some people may like it and that may be all they want. I mean I don't care what an asshole li... Read More »