What do you like to eat with shrimp?

Answer Butterflied, battered and fried with cocktail or tartar sauce. If it is prepared stir fried, I like it over stir fried rice. It is delicious no matter how you do it.

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How do you like your fresh shrimp cooked?

PEACE U are strange.Butterflied rolled in cornmeal & tempura flour and FRIED!

I love seafood but dont like shrimp?

If you try the super jumbo size shrimps you will have almost the same good taste as lobster tail.Only the tiny salad shrimps are different in taste and often taste fishy.

What is the difference between salad shrimp and regular shrimp?

You are leafing through a cookbook and come across a recipe that calls for a pound of salad shrimp. What, you wonder, are salad shrimp and how are they different from "regular" shrimp?Shrimp Presen... Read More »

Can I eat things like shrimp and sushi a day before a blood donation?

As far as I'm aware you can eat anything you like.