Do you like salt and vinegar on your chips ?

Answer Yes. It makes them taste great.

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Why do my cat parts smell like pork rinds and salt and vinegar chips?

You've been rolling around with your food again haven't you? That's okay, I still love you and will lick your cat parts for you if need be. That's what we kitty friends do. Can I bring a friend... Read More »

Why did people create vinegar and salt chips?

I don't know why but I'm very happy they did. Maybe you should try a different brand name. Try Kettle Chips Sea Salt and Vinegar.

Who was the first person to put salt and vinegar on their chips?

I think it was my dad. He was a professional chef. Back in the early 1950s he used to slice potatoes very thin, and deep fry them until crisp. Then, he let them drain (often on Mother's good dis... Read More »

Proof that Salt & Vinegar chips are good for you?

As long as they are cooked in hot oil they are healthy for you.I can't imagine that vinegar will harm your skin and would check medically rather than the hearsay of a friend. As long as you are ing... Read More »