Do you like running or walking better?

Answer running when your thinking.walking for observing everything, also walking is more fun when you walk with friends and talk.

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Who will get wet more somone running or walking in the rain?

It depends how far we have to go. It's really a mathematical equation. You will have to ask a math major for the answer.Good question though!* * * Support good answers! By submitting a "thumbs up... Read More »

If water walking burns 2X's the calories than running on a treadmill..?

Work out in water? You do know that fish poop in that stuff right?

How to Make a Tennessee Walking Horse Do the Running Walk?

A beautiful Tennessee Walking HorseThe Tennessee Walking Horse is a beautiful, all American, gaited horse. They are known most for their distinctive Running Walk which is and is said to be, 'smooth... Read More »

Long-distance running or walking fast on a treadmill ?

I want my legs emo thin o.o, btw walk fast cuz running builds muscle..