Do you like red or white wine with your meals.?

Answer I like red wine with food, and white wine to get drunk. Sometimes, white wine is more suitable though, like when your eating white fish or pasta with a creamy sauce, the acidic crispness of a good ... Read More »

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With your roasted or rotisserized chicken,do you prefer red or white wine?

Hi Gabe, I don't like wine,but a nice cold amber beer would be nice..If your cooking those gay chickens,which is playing the girl,and which is playing the boy???..Hummm..Past on the Chicken,but bri... Read More »

Do you like Red wine or White wine?

Oh, I love Red wine, we had a few friends round last night and sank 4 bottles! it was Merlot, (I think) Hic!

I like white wine, only really tried Chardonnay, what others would I like?

I quit drinking, but...I loved the sweeter wines, so my choice would be the Riesling. If you want something in-between the chardonnay and the Riesling, sweet-wise, try the Pinot Grigio. Enjoy one... Read More »

Do you like red or white wine.?