How to Be a Radiohead Fan?

Answer Radiohead is a great band, but their obscure song structures, unusual instrumentation and often dark lyrical themes can make them a challenge to listen to for newcomers. If you ever wished you coul... Read More »

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Muse, Radiohead or Coldplay? this a serious question? i'm sorry but these bands can barely be compared. by critics or fans. radiohead influenced and inspired muse and coldplay...without radiohead they wouldn't exi... Read More »

What do you reckon to the new Radiohead album, 'In Rainbows'?

Although the music may or may not be turning heads, it's the introduction to a new industry business model that is strikingly interesting.Whether ya like their stuff or not, ya have to admire their... Read More »

Happy Birthday to Thom Yorke! What are your favourite songs by Radiohead?

Funny I should come across this question while listening to Talk Show Host. Anyway, my favourite Radiohead songs would be:Reckoner…Fake Plastic Treeshttp:/... Read More »

Happy Birthday Thom Yorke!! What's your favorite song by Radiohead?

I can't believe i missed this question! D: got no mail!Three things get better with age: Cheese, Wine, and Thom Yorke :)and possibly honey...My favorite song by Radiohead is ReckonerIt's got a spec... Read More »

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