Does anyone like pickles?

Answer i do but this chick doesn't...."my name is mariah and i hate pickles".... its classic, check it out!

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Pickles Or Cucumbers Which do you like better?

pickles. What I really prefer though is cucumbers in vinegar, you slice up a cucumber and let it soak in vinegar for several hours. It's a nice medium between pickles and cucumbers.

Does Logan Henderson like pickles?

What do you like about pickles and peanut butter?

Well, I love the tangy crispy, crunchy, thing that pickles do to the back of your mouth near your tongue, and the flavors can't be beat, and as for peanut butter, there is absolutely no redeeming q... Read More »

Can pickles go bad?

The general rule for pickles is once opened they need to be refrigerated. They say that they keep for 1-2 months in the fridge or 1 year if they have never been opened. I suggest you buy some new p... Read More »