Do you like pani puri (food item) ?

Answer Its the best in Nepal too....I love it when I travel to India because I can have pani puri and dosa over there too. :)

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How to Make Pani Puri at Home?

Pani puri, also known as gol gappa, is a snack food in India. "Pani" translates to water and "puri" means puffed Indian bread. You can often find the snack at restaurants and from street vendors in... Read More »

Where can i find 'Pani puri' in dubai?

Your house is burning. You only have time to take one item of clothing, one food item and anything else.?

i would take a dress, my bag (which has makeup, all of my pics, etc...) and cheerios .!

What do you like better :mexican food , chines food, italian food or fast food?

All of it, but I'm not really a fan of fast food..........