Do you like omnivore animals more than carnivores?

Answer I prefer an omnivore over a carnivore but a herbivore over both. I prefer the omnivore because I can feed it both meat and vegetables. And I choose the herbivore over both because I don't have to w... Read More »

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Animals From the Food Web That Are Carnivores?

Carnivores refers to all animals that have meat in their diets. In the food web, carnivores are often secondary or tertiary consumers, as they prey on other animals that take their nutrients from t... Read More »

What does omnivore mean?

An omnivore is a creature that eats both animals and plants. Teeth that are designed to both tear and grind food allow an omnivore to survive in many different environments.Source:NatureWorks: Omni... Read More »

Are seals carnivores?

Seals are mammals belonging to the scientific order Carnivora and family Pinnipedia. All known species of seals are carnivores. Seals diet is predominately fish. According to National Geographic, t... Read More »

Are all reptiles carnivores?

The vast majority of reptiles eat some form of meat, being either carnivorous or omnivorous. However, a few lizard species, primarily iguanas, most tortoises and adult green sea turtles are complet... Read More »