Do you like omnivore animals more than carnivores?

Answer I prefer an omnivore over a carnivore but a herbivore over both. I prefer the omnivore because I can feed it both meat and vegetables. And I choose the herbivore over both because I don't have to w... Read More »

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Animals From the Food Web That Are Carnivores?

Carnivores refers to all animals that have meat in their diets. In the food web, carnivores are often secondary or tertiary consumers, as they prey on other animals that take their nutrients from t... Read More »

Are Fungi More Closely Related to Animals Than Plants?

Like animals, fungi are eukaryotic heterotrophs, meaning that they have cells with a nucleus and depend on other organisms for their food. Unlike plants, fungi and animals cannot make their own foo... Read More »

Why Do Animals Have More Protection than Humans in Terms of Adoption?

my friend is a siamese breeder. she doesn't allow anyone to touch the kittens until they are 8 weeks old. IMO... some people think that any extended contact with the fmom (absent of gestating/birt... Read More »

Every vegetarian saves more than 100 animals a year from horrific cruelty.?

Just compare it to other situations.The environment: If one person saves energy, it may not seem like much of a difference, but if a lot of people do, then it does.Slavery: One person going against... Read More »