Do you like my website?

Answer It looks alright, but you have several errors/problems. There's a 404 error on the Music page, and no content on the About page.Furthermore, never design a website to look good in IE. It's a glit... Read More »

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Does anyone know how to make a website, like a real website?

www.piczo.comBut it will be like www.(yourwebsitename).piczo.comSo the .piczo will always be thereIf u want it jsut to be .com you ahve to pay for it

What is the website that lets you see how any website looked like a certain amount of time ago?

There is a option on alexa called the waybackmachine that will let you see how websites looked in the past

I need to make a website like IMDb (Internet Movie Database). Any website software that helps you with that!?

vBulletin. I've heard it's been used to make sites like IDMb. "It's great", I believe they said. "It makes great sites" said someone else. "I wouldn't use anything else. It's great, especially for ... Read More »

What is a good website that you can order free stuff like ipads and ipods and electronics like that?