Do you like my eye makeup Is it to much?

Answer Try and not use eye makeup as much as you can.Do you have any other makeup on? I couldn't tell that you had eye makeup. But try and not sue them, because they are really really BAD for your eyes an... Read More »

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GUYS: How much makeup do you like women to wear?

Not a guy, but if a guy knows that you are wearing make-up then, it is too much.Guys hardly know when a girl is wearing makeup, unless it is very bright, or not blended properly. This is why guys o... Read More »

I like playing around with funky makeup, but is this too much?

I think the first two are cute! I love different colors.But i didnt like the last one, thats a little to much& if i saw you i would ask you to do mines lol.

Do guys like girls with light to no makeup or lots of makeup?

i like girls that wear little makeup. it shows how the girl really looks and not all painted up. also it shows that the girl has a lot of confidence in themselves

Makeup help needed! How can I use my makeup most effectively without ending up looking like a whore every time?

How the hell do you expect to make any money if the guys can't tell you're a whore?