I don't like the Arctic Monkeys, am I weird?

Answer Of course you're not weird, you like what you like (:but if you want to understand the arctic monkeys, you should listen to their four albums, because they've changed their sound a lot over the yea... Read More »

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Are there any restaurants that serve exotic food like say monkeys in the US?

The Horror - I saw that once one the 'Movie' faces of death and thought it was fake. It isn't! A co-worker of mine was in China and went to a restaurant where they serve it. They put the poor Monke... Read More »

Are dogs, cats and monkeys are edible have you tried it what did it taste like?

yes monkey brains..fresh wand warm..they get alive money and put his/her head in under the table and it is held by screws into his head..they saw off the top of his head, they pull the skull off an... Read More »

How can people love their babbies when they look like bald monkeys and cry all the time?

There are some people who aren't fit to be mothers. Looks like you're one of them.

Do monkeys eat lice?

If you have ever noticed a monkey picking something off the coat of another nearby monkey, chances are it was eating the lice off of its partner. The eating of lice is one of the grooming habits of... Read More »