Do you like milk or water?

Answer Water

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Survey If you like hot chocolate do you prefer it made with water and a drop of milk or all milk or other?

First of all; woo scooter the magic squirrel answered this questionn!!! phaha what a legend.And now on to your question; what i had once in a hotel is in a small jug there was some milk and in the ... Read More »

Soy Milk Regular Milk or Low Fat Milk Which from this list do you like better?

Regular milk - evet that is not as good as good old country whole milk with a lot of cream on it.Papaw

I froze a carton of milk to save it, and when I defrosted it it was like water.?

We freeze any unused milk whenever we go on holiday so that we always have some in stock when we return. We have never had a problem with it going bad although we do shake it well before we use it ... Read More »

Soda Milk Iced Tea Or Water Which do you like to drink with your dinner?

I'd rather have water. It clears food out of my throat and cleanses it. Iced tea has caffeine. After water, milk. it helps me sleep.