Like Classic Metal What kind of metal you like?

Answer I guess i like classic the bestDokkenIron MaidenJudas PriestLoudness(my fave)stuff like that i was raised listening to it so i cant not like it

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Why is metal music called metal?

Because of the sound that the musical instruments make, there are two kind of sounds, wood and metal

What is wrong with you if you like to eat dirt and like the taste of metal?

Answer It is likely you are experiencing a disorder called "Pica" and it is serious. You should check out this link to read more: website doesn't defi... Read More »

How to Be a Fan of Metal Music?

Metal music is not to be confused with its cousin, rock music. Metal music draws its inspiration from a variety of musical and cultural sources. Becoming a fan of metal is not easy for many people ... Read More »

How to Play Metal Music?

Metal has become on of the most widely known styles of music in the world. Thousands of bands have been formed around the globe! Are you ready to join the movement?