"Do you like lots of chocolate on your biscuit"?

Answer Ye I love chocolate on my biscuit!!!!!!!!

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How to Make Chocolate Biscuit Crunchies?

These delicious treats are great for any occasion, picnics, lunchboxes or a afternoon snack, and so simple!

How to Make a Chocolate Biscuit Cake?

This is easy to make and tastes delectable. It's Prince William's favourite cake and was served at his wedding reception.[1] It's not at all healthy, but is very addictive! As there is no baking in... Read More »

How to Make a Pirate Chocolate Biscuit Treasure Chest Cake?

Birthday parties are always better with a theme. What kid would not enjoy a pirate themed birthday party? You will only need a few minutes to construct this delicious, chocolate biscuit treasure ch... Read More »

Can lots and lots of milky discharge when you go pee 2 weeks before your period is due be a sign of pregnancy?

Answerdischarge could be a symptom of an early pregnancy, because of your mucus plug beginning to form. Some of this mucus-like discharge could drain. However; the discharge you are experiencing ma... Read More »