How much do you like iCarly?

Answer This is an opinionated question. Depending on how much someone enjoys the television program iCarly will determine how much they like the show iCarly.

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Who does sam like on iCarly?

Freddy most likely cause they kissed just to get it over with but i think he doesnt want to tell her

How do you create a website like iCarly?

you can't. making a website like that with games, songs and videos could take up to years, especially for a kid your age.(im assuming, since you actually want a website like icarly) you can, howeve... Read More »

How do you talk like sam from iCarly?

well, sam talks like a tomboy. she usally talks normal but she has bad grammar.

How do you become like sam from iCarly?

You have to work out a lot and get an I don't care attitude. If you mean trying to look like her, make big curls in the bottom of your hair and wear your bangs o the side or over your forehead, and... Read More »