How to Collect Breyer Horses or Other Model Horses?

Answer A Breyer Classic MustangThis is how to start collecting Breyer or any kind of model horse.This article features How to display and how to keep them in good condition.

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Why do some horses eat other horses manure?

Manure is just processed grass or hay. Horses will do this for a few reasons. They are bored, hungry, need some sort of mineral and are trying to satisfy the need. It may just smell appetizing to t... Read More »

Do horses eat raspberries?

yes they will eat any thing if there hungry

Wounds in Horses?

At some point in equine ownership, almost everyone will face treating a wound on her horse. Equine wounds tend to fall into three main categories: Abrasions, lacerations and punctures. While an own... Read More »

Can horses get lice?

Horses can get lice. There are two types of lice that can infect a horse. They are the horse-sucking louse and the biting louse. The horse-sucking louse is nourished by blood, while the biting lous... Read More »