What do cigars taste like?

Answer A cigar is like wine/beer/soda/ etcetera.Here are some links that will help..… best thing to do is visit a local tobacco... Read More »

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What kind of Flavored Mini Cigars like Swishers would they have at Qucikie in Quebec?

try going for a flavour you usually like in things. for example i love watermelon and vanilla. these are usually the first flavors i buy in anything new.

How to Preserve Cigars?

Have you ever smoked a stale cigar or cigarette? Stale cigars are not very tasty and end with a bad smoke. This guide will teach you how to preserve cigars or cigarettes, and ensure you never smoke... Read More »

How to Make Bread Cigars?

Bread cigars are an awesome snack to munch on anywhere and anytime, and they're mind-blowingly easy to cook!

What Are Acid Cigars?

Acid cigars have nothing to do with illegal drugs or corrosive liquids; rather, the name "Acid" stands for "Arielle Chester Industrial Design," the name of the design company of the artist who crea... Read More »