Do you like bullies?

Answer without them the environment would be to safe, and when you enter the real world like, well man your going to have some problems. Also some people wouldn't have someone to blame all their troubles ... Read More »

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Why should bullies not be bullies?

Bullys shouldn't be bullies, because every time they bully they hurt someone else. Like for instince, if they said something like "your ugly" to someone, even if its not true that night they could ... Read More »

How to Stop Bullies?

Bullies are bullies - but that's what makes them cowards. Your bully the loudest in the class? Does she threaten you with all sorts of terrible things? Is she 10 times bigger than you or if not the... Read More »

How to Stand up to Bullies?

Bullies can be just annoying! Especially in junior high. These are some steps to get rid of them.

How can you stop bullies?

You can stop bullies by: - Telling someone- Avoiding bad situations- Gaining confidence to face the person who is bullying you!- You can also just try and ignore them or tell them to stop.- See sch... Read More »